History Of Xiaolin Temple

Xiaolin Generation Poem

The idea of the Xiaolin Temple was born in 2001 in China by Shi Dao An after he heard how his master complained about the changes of values in Shaolin Temple. He feared, that the traditional Shaolin Kung Fu would soon get lost, as the modernized Shaolin Wushu was looking more acrobatic in Kung Fu shows.

His master dreamed of a place outside of China and its regime where the Shaolin principles of Buddhism, martial arts and medicine could live on. Shi Dao An took this dream of his master back to his native country of Germany and started a small group to practice Shaolin Kung Fu.

In 2014 Shi Dao An did receive the Dharma transmission and started to teach Buddhism. One of Shi Dao An's disciple's asked to become a novice monk and was after a certain preparation time ordained as the second monk of the Xiaolin Temple in 2015. In 2015 another student of Shi Dao An expressed his wish to become a novice monk of the Xiaolin Temple.

The Xiaolin Temple teaches Zen (Chan) philosophy in the tradition as founded by Bodhidharma in the year 527 in an adapted version for the West.

'Heart to heart' and 'mind to mind' is the essence of Xiaolin Zen Philosophy.

Aims of the Xiaolin Temple
The Xiaolin Temple protects and develops the ancient wisdom of Chan Wu Yi, so that it will not get lost and wants to help people in the West to discover the wisdom of Buddhism.

Xiaolin Lineage Kung Fu
Xiaolin Lineage Kung Fu is primarily based on Shaolin martial arts and is combined with internal martial arts principles.