Shi Qing Yong

Xiaolin Generation Poem

Shi Qing Yong was born in Lagos, Federal Republic of Nigeria. He began his martial arts studies in years 2005 at the age of 15. He started as a contemporary wushu kung fu practitioner at Folly Martial Art Club where he specialised on sanshou (Chinese Kickboxing) under the supervision of Sifu Linus Samuel.

With his quick understanding of Chinese martial arts, he went on to study from master Shi Dao An as a distance student.

Shi Dao An a traditional Shaolin master from Germany, founder and the first generation of Xiaolin Temple accepted Shi Qing Yong as a student and teaches him Shaolin Kung Fu since the year 2012.

Shi Qing Yong was later accepted into the Second Generation of Xiaolin Temple as a Lay Disciple and Head Instructor of Nigerian Xiaolin Pai

Shi Qing Yong has participated in many competitions in Lagos State Nigeria, such as Eko Wushu Talent Hunts, 2012 Ibile Games ( a local government kung fu tournament held in Lagos) where he won a bronze medal for Apapa Iganmu Local Government. He's also among those who participated in 2014 Lagos Ibile Games where he emerged as Silver Medalist for Apapa Iganmu Local Government.

He founded Unified Martial Arts Association for the sole purpose of developing Martial Arts in Nigeria and to create an atmosphere where all will be healthy and strong because "Health is Wealth"

He is poised with the aims and objective of spreading and promoting Chinese martial arts in Nigeria especially Shaolin Kung Fu, He founded White Dragon Kung Fu Academy currently Nigerian Xiaolin Pai where he teaches Shaolin Kung Fu, Qi Gong, Physical Fitness and self defense to the public.