Shi Dao An

Xiaolin Generation Poem

Shi Dao An Was born in 1977 in Hamburg/Germany. At six he started his martial arts training in the Japanese Arts of Judo and Karate. He continued his training until he found a Chinese Kung Fu school and started to train there. Through his former martial arts training he made a fast progress.

With his relocation to Munich he found a Chinese Master of Shaolin Kung Fu and became his student. After many years of daily training he went to the Shaolin Temple in China for the first time. Master Shi Su Gang, Shaolin Monk of the 30th Generation, accepted him as his disciple in the traditional Shaolin arts.

After several long-term stays in China, his Master sent him back to Germany to spread traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Buddhism. He started a new Buddhist temple close to Munich and named it the Xiaolin Temple. At first he only started to teach Kung Fu, due to the lack of the Dharma transmission.

After receiving the Dharma transmission in January 2014 he started to teach Buddhism and Meditation in 2015 as well. By now the Xiaolin Temple has two Buddhist monks, one novice monk and several lay warriors and offers classes in Buddhism, Meditation, Qigong, Taijiquan, Kung Fu and Temple boxing.

Even though Shi Dao An specialized in Chinese Martial Arts, he is additionally a Master of Bujutsu and Muay Lanna.