Our Mission

As a full time Xiaolin Academy, we aim to teach Chinese Martial Arts, culture and martial morals to a high degree. We intend to be able to facilitate and coach a vast number of children and adults at a high standard and build their ambition towards big achievements and goals such as the Olympics.

We want to be able to help combat youth gang culture and street crime and give a better opportunity to socially and economically deprive children and their families. We are committed to helping families build stronger bonds, spend time together by participating in fun activities and become more engaged with their communities.

We want to help youths with problematic backgrounds such as anger problems and turn their negative energy into positive energy with the discipline of martial arts. We aim to teach the students to an Olympic standard and for the students to be able to reach the best of their potential.

We aim to get the community more into fitness and healthy living and help prevent childhood and adult obesity by teaching students to look after their health through the power of exercise and healthy eating as we believe the greatest wealth is health.