Welcome To Nigerian Xiaolin Pai

Welcome to the official website of Nigerian Xiaolin Pai. We are a full time Xiaolin Academy that is dedicated to the practise of Chinese Martial Arts and Chinese culture.
We specialise in a range of Chinese Martial Arts that is beneficial to children and adults such as Shaolin Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Soft Qigong, Qin Na (Joint Locking), Shaolin Weapons, Shaolin Gymnastics and San Da (Chinese Boxing).

For decades, learning authentic Shaolin Kung Fu in Nigeria had been just an unfulfilled dream for many Nigerians, due to the lack of any Authorized Branch of the Shaolin Temple in the whole of Nigeria. But not any longer, as for the first time in the History of Martial Arts in Nigeria, The Ven. Shi Dao An of the Xiaolin Temple Germany, has officially appointed and entrusted Shifu Ogunyomi Musa Adisa with the privilege and immense responsibility to spread the Real Xiaolin Culture and Xiaolin Kung Fu in Nigeria.

Shifu Ogunyomi Musa Adisa who is the direct and the only Nigerian Lay disciple of the Ven. Shi Dao An, received the Dharma Name "Shi Qing Yong" (meaning "Brave") by him. To implement the responsibility bestowed upon him,

Shifu Ogunyomi Musa Adisa, who is Nigeria's first and only Xiaolin Kung Fu Lay Disciple, has setup the first and only Xiaolin Training Center in Lagos-Nigeria that is dedicated to imparting training to passionate students in Traditional Xiaolin Kung Fu (which includes Kung Fu Forms, Kung Fu Weapons, Chin Na, Qi Gong etc.) and is in the process of opening the main Xiaolin Kung Fu Training & Cultural Centers in Nigeria that can accommodate people from many parts of the country.