About Nigerian Xiaolin Pai

Nigerian Xiaolin Pai is officially affiliated with the Xiaolin Temple of Germany, and known to them as the White Dragon Kung Fu Academy. All classes are personally taught by Shifu Qing Yong in the traditional Shaolin way. Shifu Qing Yong’s aim is to bring Chinese Culture and the Chinese teaching of traditional Gong Fu to the Nigerian and to train students to an Olympic standard.

The Nigerian Xiaolin Pai invests all efforts to each individual student and gives people full encouragement by teaching respect, martial morals and training to be the best.We are the first and only full time Shaolin Academy in South West Nigeria.

We offer classes in Shaolin Gong Fu (Kung Fu), San Da (Chinese Free Fighting), Tai Ji, Qi Gong, Shaolin Gymnastics, Shaolin Weapon forms and Qin Na (Joint locking). All members are welcome to use the facility for self practice. We offer classes for children and adults, we accept children from the age of 4 years old.

At Nigerian Xiaolin Pai, not only do we teach students at high standards but we also care about each individual student. The Academy is known for its warm family environment and we give our personal attention to all students. We have a very welcoming atmosphere at the Academy and aim to help our students achieve results and help them with their goals no matter how big or small.

The Academy has positive team spirit and all students motivate one another and support each other. We understand that each student is unique and have different abilities therefore we push all students to their own level. We're very serious about what we do and not only do we physically train our students; we also mentally train them. Each class that is taught, it is taught with passion and heart.

Gong Fu translates to 'hard work', we teach our students Gong Fu, not only at the Academy but also with their school work, college work or at the work place. We teach our students to continue their 'Gong Fu' outside the Academy and to work hard within their everyday life.

At Nigerian Xiaolin Pai , we're more than a martial arts academy, we're a family and we welcome you to become a part of our growing family.